Surviving Norway

I love to go on longer bike treks. There's nothing that compares to that feeling of freedom, knowing you carry everything you need on your bike and are free to go wherever, whenever. Well, almost: When I cycled along the coastline of Lofoten islands last September, I realised quickly that cycling in almost constant rain, wind and an average of 10° C is less fun than one might anticipate (especially if you are not able to cook yourself a warm meal because the rain is sloshing down on your tent). Still: the translucent light, quick weather changes and spectacular scenery make for great photo opportunities at almost every corner. I took along my Fuji XT 10 (which I can absolutely recommend), a zoom lens and my beloved 35 mm f2 along on this one. The variety of mosses and ferns fascinated me especially, here´s a selection of favourites!