Current exhibition: IRAN/DIALOGUES June 29-Aug 9, 2019

I'm very excited to share with you that finally, selected photos from my travels in Iran are on display! They will be up until August 9, 2018 in Bar 7mares, Heimstr. 3, in 10965 Berlin.

Here´s some background info: 

"Outside Iran, little is known of the country and its people. Western media refer to the country mostly in context of nuclear deals, political tensions and Islamic regime. This one-sided portrayal explains my family’s and friends’ sceptical reactions when I told them of my plan to travel solo through Iran.

I prepared as well as I could, connecting to people, reading – but nothing could prepare me for the deep plunge I took into Iranian culture; full of contrasts I prefer to call dialogues: Conservative & liberal, public life & private life, curiosity & ignorance, wealth & poverty, etc. In my eyes, nothing is more prevalent than the concept of dialogue within the Iranian society – whether in disagreement or agreement."

The prints are for sale, and there are also postcards available :) Do stop by!