New Life in the Park

Every winter, I get to that depressing point where I feel it will never get warm again, dirty snow-ice slush, cold wind and rain for eternity. And then, suddenly, this miracle called "spring" happens. Call me sentimental, but I think it´s amazing! And this year, I didn't want to miss this so very short time of the year, and went into the park to see new buds everywhere :) Here are some of my favourites. Camera: Fuji XT10, Lens: 50mm f2

I think I´ve fallen in love...

with the new Fuji 50mm f2 lens, which was released in February. I know, cheesiest teaser headline ever. And no, Fuji doesn't pay me (yet?). I tested the new lens, courtesy of my dear friends at Probis Berlin (who don't pay me, either ;)), last week because I am planning to do a portrait series while traveling light, and don't want to take the Nikon mothership. The 50mm f2 is not only light and sturdy and super sharp, but really versatile as well: it´s great for portraits as well as outdoor/landscape shots. It´s very fast, so it´s also great for sports. The photos below are not edited (only cropped). Shortest review ever - absolute recommendation: can`t go wrong on this one!